Animal protection / Documentary

Yo Galgo

A documentary about the Galgo, the most mistreated of dog to date.

The galgo is used for hunting and competition in the fields of Spain. Every year over 50.000-100.000 galgos are considered not apt for hunting and discarded; either abandoned, hung, drowned, beaten to death or killed in other ways.

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Galgos, always by the side of kings, a queens and wizards

The Sighthound in old cultures

The greyhound history is as long as unknown. This breed of dog, elegant and mysterious, has been in the walls of palaces, temples and tombs for centuries, always close to the powerful.

Meet a gentle giant

The sould of the Irish Wolfhound

The Irish Wolfhound, the tallest sighthound, created for hunting mayor game, has a very unique sensitivity. Learn a bit more about his personality.

The meaning of being born a galgo

The Galgo in Art history

The greyhounds are among the oldest breed of dogs, they have been with us humans more than 5000 years, also in Art history.

The human circus


The circus, more before than today, encouraged the difference and mockery, making those beings there so remote from the viewer in nature and rights that no-one wondered if it was fair to be there. No, they were something else.

Fragments of the film


These are small fragments of the first spanish sighthound we could rescue. This time without a cage.