"The supreme art of the teacher is to awake joy for free expression and knowledge."
Albert Einstein
"The ultra-localism is universal."
Salvador Dalí

What is it what we do in YO GALGO Productions?

This is a collaborative platform on which a community, interested in the production of graphic materials and research focused on animal protection, decides to join and participate, through their subscriptions and purchases, in producing such content. We want to promote the creative exchange among people in the world. We are helpers, producers of ideas, projects and objects. We are an audiovisual platform that believes in culture, education and entrepreneurship as fundamental pillars for the development of societies. We promote freedom of expression, creativity and the valuing of local resources for the development of cultural projects of global interest. We encourage the protection of living beings and their habitats, and network to achieve growth and collective development. We seek to produce local stories with universal values.

It all started with the production of a documentary film about one of the most abused breeds of dog, the galgo. That's when we understood that crowdfunding and the empowerment through culture creation are wonderful tools for change, and allow the production of works that otherwise would not reach the public.

Our vision...

We believe in a world championed by the open and free exchange of knowledge between creative personalities from everywhere. We believe that enabling people to explore and creatively tell their own story works for development. The creative response that occurs when participating in such processes empowers us and makes us grow. To experience the world creatively, and communicate what we believe is important, encourages people to take an active role in the world and challenge the destructive ideologies that surround us. The creative response is our answer to the question "What kind of world we want to live in?"

Our mission is ...

  • Facilitate the creation of a community of think tanks for free and creative expression.
  • Empower developing communities through education in audiovisual capabilities.
  • Promoting equal exchanges between communities within the YO GALGO channel and creators, entrepreneurs and businesses to co-create artistic pieces that have to do with environmental issues..
  • Support community based initiatives that encourage inclusion and transparency to strengthen and make oppressed voices heard..
  • Disseminate values of freedom, equality and diversity of cultures, identities and species.

Our tools ...

  • A web platform, this one, for the exchange of knowledge, tools and experiences among members of the YO GALGO Productions´ family. This platform will facilitate funding for media and collaborative projects related to animal protection through crowdfunding, sponsorship and sales through the online shop www.passingpanda.com.
  • The platform offers access to content in different forms: free content (open for everyone) content under registration (viewed by creating an account with an email) and under subscription. These subscriptions allow YO GALGO Productions to continue facilitating and financing projects such as: audiovisual productions, graphic art, workshops and fellowships for artists.

Support development through education, creative expression, partnership and arts

Tree of voices

We know there are stories happening in silence all the time; cultural events, projects and initiatives whose ideas, discoveries and tools can serve the collective growth and development. Animal protection and environmentalism overlap with many areas of human activity which by its size and strength, have managed to silence the voices of those who are directly affected by them. Our interest is to facilitate the creative expression of these causes, putting them in contact with the global discourse on this platform.

Our streams of action / reaction are inspired by the organic structure of the trees.

Our Tree of Voices thrives and finds its inspiration on earth (The Earth). There, the various stories that arouse our interest and find their way to YO GALGO Productions (trunk / digital gateway in web format) mingle and interact in a leafy network of communities, individuals and initiatives that make up the tree. Each branch, every project and idea, nourishes and feeds the rest into a continuous flow of synergies based on creativity, art and education. Our job as producers is to connect these ideas with a community of people interested in animal protection so, together, we produce materials that otherwise won´t happen.