YO GALGO Productions works for human development and animal protection through the creative exchange, communication, graphic art and documentary filmmaking. We explore how humans relate to animals and to promote solutions that are essential to a more equal and sustainable future.

Our efforts are put into creating a community of people interested in producing contents together that will change the world and the perception we have of animals. YO GALGO Productions creates a network that connects groups working for environmental justice with local and international artists. The results of these creative experiences and exchanges will be shown in this channel in the hope to amplify the voices of those in need.

The Creative Response:

Give people the possibility to tell their own story creatively and contribute to the surrounding culture and you will be working for development. The creative response that comes from that empowerment can shift how we think and how we see ourselves; it leads us to feel and experience the world differently and compels us to take an active participation in the world by challenging the destructive ideologies that surround us. Communicating what we believe in is important and contributes to the creation of the society we want. Creative response—is something we do, in respond to the question "What kind of world do we want to live in?"

Human development

Our goal and the basic objectives of development are to create enabling environments for people to enjoy long, healthy and creative lives while maintaining fair relationships with their fellow earthlings.

Traditional indicators like National Income Figures do not reveal the composition of income or the real beneficiaries of such. Many times improvements of gross figures don’t improve human development or happiness. In valuing our national growth, we often look at achievements in regard to our quality of life, like better nutrition, greater access to knowledge, better working conditions, security against crime and so on. We forget how our societies satisfy our creative needs and give us a sense of participation in the economic, cultural and political activities.

Our goal here is to promote human development through creative expression while fighting abuse against animals and nature.

Defining human development

Human development is a process of enlarging people's choices. In principle, these choices can be infinite and change over time. But at all levels of development, the three essential ones are: for people to lead long, healthy lives and creative lives, to acquire knowledge and to have access to resources needed for a decent standard of living.

Human development focuses on: the formation of human capabilities such as improved health, knowledge and skills, and the use people make of their acquired capabilities for leisure or for being active in cultural, social and political affairs. Although income is of great importance, it is a means, not an end, for human development. The well-being of a society depends on the uses to which income is put, not on the level of income itself, thus development must be more than just the expansion of income and wealth. Its focus must always be the people.

Measuring human development

The key indicators: Longevity, knowledge and decent living standards.

The use of life expectancy as one of the principal indicators of human development rests on three considerations:

Longevity. The intrinsic value of longevity is easy for theorists to underestimate in countries where longevity is already high. Living a long life may not be people's only objective, but their other plans and ambitions clearly depend on having a reasonable life span to develop their abilities, use their talents and carry out their plans.

Literacy. Literacy is a person's first step to knowledge building. Literacy figures are essential in any measurement of human development.

The third key component of human development rests on the command over resources needed for a decent living. It is perhaps the most difficult to measure simply. It requires data on access to land, credit, income, participation and other resources.

We believe that creative documentation helps control and oversee the use of resources and fulfillment of needs. Having a platform like ours to express worldviews will benefit the voice of the ones in the front line, the ones more affected by the lack of transparency and accountability in the use of resources.

The conceptual and methodological problems of quantifying and measuring human development become even more complex for political freedom, cultural participation, interpersonal relations and the physical environment, thus creative exchange and networking are a must to have a healthy society.

Human development is incomplete without human freedom. The human development concept that we defend is focused on people's strengths to manage their affairs and be able to expose and communicate them freely - which, after all, are the essence of freedom.


We believe that the pursuit of environmental justice and the co-creation of culture and contents with local groups are as much tools for development as basic ingredients for a sustainable business model.

We promote talents to raise awareness about issues that are important for the planet and its inhabitants. Poor people are the world's greatest entrepreneurs but they remain poor because they do not have the opportunities to turn their creativity into sustainable income. YO GALGO Productions will seek to produce and finance local stories with universal values, put them in contact with a global debate and amplify their influence in decision-making regarding matters that affect them.

We care about environmental sustainability because of the fundamental injustice of one generation living at the expense of others. The standard definition of sustainable development is a "development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

Why sustainability and equity?

Emphasizing empowerment, equity and sustainability expands people’s choices.

Nos preocupamos por la sostenibilidad del medio ambiente por la profunda injusticia que representa que una generación viva a expensas de otras, de las futuras. Según la definición estándar de desarrollo sostenible se trata del “desarrollo que satisface las necesidades del presente sin comprometer las oportunidades de las generaciones futuras para satisfacer sus propias necesidades”.

Nowadays we tend to value everything we see or imagine, everything present in the world that’s real, in money, which is a human convention that has nothing to do with reality. Some basic natural assets have no real substitutes for what we call money, there is certain wealth that will never come back and thus must be preserved. These assets are essential not only to our capacity to produce goods and services but also to life itself and the choices of future generations. The accumulation of physical or other kinds of capital cannot compensate for Earth’s warming, ozone layer depletion or major biodiversity losses among others.

What we mean by sustainability and equity

Most definitions of sustainable development do not adequately capture sustainable human development. They do not refer to the expansion of choices and ideas, freedoms and capabilities intrinsic to human development, where creative expression is one of them. All this enable us to lead meaningful lives and go beyond the satisfaction of essential needs.

Early ideas of equity postulated that individuals should be rewarded and recognized according to their contribution to society. We think that culture production is one of the greatest contributions a person can make; it helps create national identity, social cohesion and a heritage from which future generations can build upon.

Sustainability and equity are similar in one fundamental sense: both are about distributive justice.The current generation’s destruction of the environment, for future generations, is no different from a present-day group’s suppression of the aspirations of other groups for equal job opportunities, health or the access to knowledge. YO GALGO Productions works to foster talents and knowledge sharing