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Película Documental

Yo Galgo

A documentary about the Galgo, the most mistreated of dog to date.

The galgo is used for hunting and competition in the fields of Spain. Every year over 50.000-100.000 galgos are considered not apt for hunting and discarded; either abandoned, hung, drowned, beaten to death or killed in other ways.

Welcome to YO GALGO´s cannel, here we will share everything related with the film, our making off, new videos, articles and the results of our investigations, hoping to spark a much needed debate about how we relate with the galgo and other hunting dogs.

YO GALGO is a feature film about life and traditions in the villages, about an invisible genocide taking place while the authorities look the other way. It’s about the tireless people working to rescue these dogs, and about the new and modern Spain versus the conservative and traditional one.


Little is known about the world of hunting and competing with galgos (the world’s fastest dog). How and why is it practiced? How much money changes hands with this activity and its relationship with the powers that govern? YO GALGO is an investigative feature film that paints a picture of the consequences of these hobbies for hundreds of thousands of galgos. It shows us a glimpse into human nature through the use of these dogs; the abuse, the tradition and the silence kept by people and institutions about it. A clash between the modern and old Spain.

YO GALGO is also the story of Bacalao, a young galga who returns to her homeland, Spain, after growing up in Denmark, trying to answer a very important question: What would have happened to her had she stayed in Spain and ended up in other hands? Would she still be alive today?

Bacalao permits the film to enter the circles of deeply rooted customs that until now have never been documented. YO GALGO tries to understand the passion for hunting and competing with galgos, but also looks into the horrors that these dogs endure as a consequence of this sport, which are completely ignored by the authorities. The aim is to tell both sides of the story, on the theory that dialogue and understanding are important tool for change.

Our belief is that a debate around animal use is needed, that many stories that are important don’t appear in the media today. A perfect example is what goes on in Spain with thousands of galgos every year. That´s why we started the film and this platform.  

The human circus


The circus, more before than today, encouraged the difference and mockery, making those beings there so remote from the viewer in nature and rights that no-one wondered if it was fair to be there. No, they were something else.

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Fragments of the film


These are small fragments of the first spanish sighthound we could rescue. This time without a cage.

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The meaning of being born a galgo

The Galgo in Art history

The greyhounds are among the oldest breed of dogs, they have been with us humans more than 5000 years, also in Art history.

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Meet a gentle giant

The sould of the Irish Wolfhound

The Irish Wolfhound, the tallest sighthound, created for hunting mayor game, has a very unique sensitivity. Learn a bit more about his personality.

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Galgos, always by the side of kings, a queens and wizards

The Sighthound in old cultures

The greyhound history is as long as unknown. This breed of dog, elegant and mysterious, has been in the walls of palaces, temples and tombs for centuries, always close to the powerful.

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