Fragments of the film

The rescue of a Galgo

We have gone many times out there to recover galgos during these three years of filming. There has been much searching, a lot of waiting, a lot. This video shows small fragments of the first galgo I saw, along with Susana, shaping itself against the horizon, that we could rescue. This time the cage was not needed. He was very hungry and we slowly gained his confidence with food. It's hard to describe the feeling of recovering one of these creatures, so I leave this video instead.



Anyone can try to earn the trust of an abandoned if need be, you´ll need to be patient and gentle. Some people think that only associations should try this, the rescue, but I disagree. We all have a responsibility to the abandoned dog that appears, out of nowhere, in front of us. We should not dismiss that responsibility just by calling somebody else. Maybe tomorrow that dog is already run over so, we have to act, carefully facing the circumstances.

Call an association for advice or the police (although from my experience this did not serve much), maybe they give you instructions on how to make a rescue routine. Do not run behind him, many will be afraid and they might have been abused, they will run away and you won’t catch them. Be gentle, be patient..


Hopefully this begins to happen less and less.