More than 100.000 signatures to stop hunting with galgos


Animal welfare organization World Animal Protection (WAP) and internet community Animals Today are demanding a ban on hunting with galgos and will be handing over more than 100.000 signatures to outlaw the practise to the Spanish authorities the 17th of May.


Spanish animal defence groups estimate that 50.000 galgos are either abandoned or killed per year, when they prove no longer useful for hunting. While the mistreatment of the galgo has been known for decades in Spain, the rest of Europe is only now becoming aware of the situation as more and more discarded galgos are adopted abroad.


Dirk Jan Verdonk, Head of Programmes at WAP in the Netherlands, finds that banning hunting with galgos would be an important step in Spain’s more ethical behaviour towards animals.

“World Animal Protection is appalled that within the EU such cruelty against dogs still exists” explains Verdonk.


Spain is the only country in Europe where hunting with dogs in the open field is still permitted, and along the demand of an ending of this practise, the petition also seeks to pressure the Spanish authorities to reinforce the laws that protect hunting dogs, and promote education towards a responsible use of galgos and other hunting breeds. The Netherlands is a perfect example of how strict laws on animal abuse can benefit animal welfare, and the country has recently become free of stray dogs.


News about the staggering number of abandoned hunting dogs is reaching outside the boarders of Spain, and the petition has also received a record number of signatures for its kind. “EU citizens should unite to pressure the Spanish government to end the suffering of the galgos and other hunting dogs and offer the protection they deserve” says Verdonk, who will be handing over the petition to the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport in Madrid alongside representatives from Animals Today and PACMA.


Date of delivery

May 17, 2017, 11h.

Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport in Madrid

Calle de los Madrazo, 15, 28071 Madrid.


The collection of signatures has been done with the intention of asking the Spanish government for:

  • Reinforcement of the laws protecting the animals used for hunting.
  • Promote the identification and registration of hunting dogs.
  • Prohibit hunting with dogs.